Baby Boomers

You are facing a pivotal time in your life and things are changing quickly. From relationships and careers to imminent retirement, baby boomers have plenty of unique challenges.

boomer coupleHow many of the following issues are you facing?

Empty Nest Syndrome:
What do I do now? What is my purpose?

Career Considerations:
Can I change careers now? What should I do?

Retirement Goals:
How will I spend my time?

Identity Crisis:
Who am I? What do I want from my life?

Couple’s Identity Crisis:
Who is this person? How do we reconnect?

Community Connection:
How do I get involved in my community and give back?

With a special understanding of the unique challenges faced by the baby boomer generation, Betsey provides comprehensive coaching services to help you deal with these issues and more. Your best years don’t have to be spent in limbo. Together we can build a plan to help you overcome the many challenges you are facing so that you can enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life.


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