Career Coaching Services

Much of our satisfaction in life is derived from our work and dissatisfaction at work adversely impacts everything else. Can you relate to these issues?

Career Confusion: I donít know what I want to do but I know itís not this.

Change Management: How can I risk changing jobs and starting over?

Professional Advancement: How can I advance my career?

What happened to Retirement? Iím too old to start over.

Future Planning: How do I determine my goals for the upcoming years?

To succeed in business, you need to first define your career goals and then develop a plan to achieve them. Betsey offers a comprehensive career assessment evaluation that can help you identify potential industries and careers that match your values and skills. We can also build an overall career-growth strategy that will give you more control over the future with less worry.

Elevationsģ The Career Discovery Tool is a comprehensive assessment of your values, skills, career interests (real jobs that you can pursue) and a detailed personality profile. Take the test online and you will:

  • Evaluate how well your talents fit with your current job
  • Identify a course of study if you return to school
  • Discover career alternatives for your future growth
  • Learn about exciting, emerging careers
  • Understand your natural abilities and sources of career satisfaction
  • Wake up your career dreams!
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