What Clients Say:

“ I am working much smarter since I started coaching. It’s made a big difference to work with clients I really enjoy and not be spending time constantly putting out fires. My family is happy because they see more of me.” J.W.

“ Thank you for your unending support and belief in me. I never dreamed I’d leave my job and find a career that is so fulfilling.” S.T.

“ The weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I was getting overwhelmed. Now I feel focused and have time and energy to do the things that take care of me.” K.F.

“ My dream to climb Mount Shasta has become more than a possibility. It is now a reality because I have a workable plan to make it happen and people to support me in achieving my goal.” M.S.

"I so appreciate how much you have been there for me through some major changes in my business. It's wonderful to see possibilities again. Instead of just wishing things would happen, you helped me develop a plan with concrete steps to take. I've had the best year ever!" D.T.

"When I first started meeting with you, I felt like a train wreck waiting to happen. With coaching, I gained clarity about what I really wanted in my life. I am no longer waiting on the sidelines watching my life pass me by. Now I have goals and dreams that are reachable. I also have a step by step action plan to make them happen. And I wake up each day not with dread but with excitement." L.M.

"As a working mom, I was totally stressed tying to juggle everything. Since applying the tools I learned through coaching, I am now able to delegate and ask for support when I need it. I feel better about myself and know that my kids are happier." E.L.

"When I started coaching, I didn't realize how much responsibility was on my shoulders. My kids were finishing college, my wife and I were beginning to think about retirement, and my elderly parents needed more care. As a result of coaching, I learned how to keep my dreams alive while at the same time taking better care of myself. Now my parents have full-time help, my kids are getting established and my wife and I are planning a trip to Europe in the fall." J.P.


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