Working Moms

The pressures of work and family can be overwhelming on their own, but when combined and managed by a mom, stress and guilt can take over. It’s time to put away that Super Woman cape and realize that you have options and life doesn’t have to feel like a carnival ride.

working momCan you relate to these issues?

Separating Home and Work:
How do I switch gears? How can I better focus my attention?

How can I do a better job at home and at work when nothing gets my full attention?

Guilt Management:
How can I give more to my family when I have nothing left to give?

Self Management:
Will I ever get time to myself?

Reconnecting at Home:
How do I nurture my marriage?

In order for a working mom to achieve balance, it is important to redefine priorities. We will work together to remove the guilt, manage time, set goals, and develop a realistic plan for achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

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